The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

Show Notes

Attention all movie enthusiasts! Have you ever wondered about the success of the Lord of the Rings trilogy and its importance in book-to-movie adaptations? Look no further than the podcast Three Fates Decide. In this episode, the hosts provide an in-depth discussion on the unique approach taken with filming the movies back-to-back in an 18-month period. This allowed for the budget to be managed better and prevent actors from aging too much between films. They also highlight the importance of staying true to the source material, while acknowledging the challenges of adapting such a beloved book series into a film.

Join the hosts as they take a deep dive into the making and impact of the Lord of the Rings movies, including the impressive set designs and the talented cast. Tune in now to satisfy your curiosity and get your movie fix. Don’t miss out on this must-listen episode that is sure to captivate any fan of the franchise! Leave a comment below or contact us with your feedback. Thanks for listening!

  • Discuss Lord of the Rings movies
  • Filming approach & impact
  • Building Hobbiton
  • Summary of first movie
  • Frodo’s journey
  • The Fellowship’s mission
  • Film adaptation success
  • Filming in New Zealand
  • Cast selection
  • Two Towers plot
  • Rohan & Saraman
  • Lighting issues
  • Return of the King plot
  • Aragorn’s journey
  • Ending events
  • Differences from the book
  • Personal memories
  • Tease next episode: the three fates.

Key Points

Uniting in an epic battle against evil, a diverse cast of heroic characters – including brave hobbits, powerful wizards, noble elves, and courageous dwarves – band together to vanquish the ultimate villain, Sauron.

The insidious Ring of Power gradually corrodes the loyalty of the Fellowship. This results in heart-wrenching betrayals and heroic sacrifices as they journey onwards.

Peter Jackson’s epic adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings” was a monumental success. This movie trilogy faithfully captured the beloved fantasy trilogy while expertly condensing it into a thrilling cinema experience.

The Fellowship, with the help of the Gandalf the White and the loyal tree-like beings, the Ents, journeyed to the capital of Rohan. They join the fight against the looming danger of the treacherous Saruman and Eisengard.

The epic Lord of the Rings movie trilogy astounded audiences worldwide. It grossed a staggering $2 billion at the box office and winning an unprecedented 11 Oscars for its finale Return of the King.


“The only thing to do with this evil ring is you got to destroy this thing because it’s going to corrupt anybody who holds this ring for uh, too long.”

“They decide okay, let us do the most dangerous thing, which is to go to Sauron’s home turf and drop it in a volcano.”

“Frodo gets some advice from the queen Galladriel who warns him to be careful with the ring because it is slowly going to corrupt him as long as he keeps holding the ring.”

“The character of Gollum shows how greed and corruption can lead someone to kill their own family for something they desire.”

“They come close. I’ve had a few come real close that I’ve read over the years, but none have ever reached Tolkien’s level.”

“People need to remember that when it’s from a book to a film adaptation, if the character isn’t that detrimental to the storyline, they’re not going to make the cut.” – Sam

“Denithor’s paranoia and obsession with protecting his kingdom leads him to push away those who want to help and favor one son over the other.”

“I’m sure you’ve heard many people say this, but the ending of the movie was done in a way that felt kind of strange.”

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