The Reddit 2.0 Episode

Show Notes

Attention all listeners! With co-host Liz gone on vacation, tune in to the latest episode of Three Fates Decide, where hosts Mary and Sam revisit a topic from Episode 34, Reddit! They explore the hilarious and cringeworthy content found on social media platforms like Reddit. From debunking harmful stereotypes about women’s anatomy and sexuality to questioning the appropriateness of pranks that could harm others, this episode tackles
Topic: Various discussions on the Three Fates Decide podcast

– Guilty pleasure of reading subreddits “Am I the Asshole?” and “Not How Girls Work”
– Discussion about a man’s outdated and offensive views on female sexuality
– Debate on the appropriateness of pranks that could potentially harm someone
– Funny comments and replies found on social media
– Criticism of misguided and harmful comments made by men about women’s anatomy
– Topics related to single motherhood, beauty
Check us out! Any other funny content you’ve come across on content you think we should talk about in the future? Let us know!​

Key Points

Discover the guilty secrets of Reddit with ‘Three Fates Decide’, where they uncover the hilarious and often shocking stories from the ‘Am I the Asshole’ and ‘Not How Girls Work’ subreddits.

[0:06:05] Aggressive incels and Nazis pose a serious and lethal threat to our society; don’t underestimate the dangers they pose.

Startled by an unexpected life-sized cardboard cutout of The Rock, a nosy sister-in-law was met with a shocking and hilarious surprise.

By ensuring that period products are accessible and free for all students, New Zealand is taking a bold step towards gender equality and breaking down the stigma surrounding menstruation.

Women’s bodies are complex and diverse – there is no one-size-fits-all definition of virginity, and the dangerous and damaging misinformation about female anatomy and virginity circulating online must be stopped to protect women’s health and wellbeing.

Body shaming has a damaging impact on confidence, self-worth, and mental health. In fact, it can lead to serious long-term psychological distress and even depression.

Discover the power of knowledge with a basic understanding of anatomy and health for both men and women – a powerful way to ensure optimal wellness and longevity!

Some men find clean-shaven women more attractive, as their delicate, childlike appearance provides a stark contrast to masculine strength.

A warning sign is when men insist that women be clean-shaven, as it could indicate a disturbing preference for young girls. Nevertheless, it’s important to respect each person’s individual grooming choices.


“That’s all I’m saying. I don’t even think Ben Shapiro is that stupid.”

“She posted on Facebook that she has a big bruise on her arm as a result of my nasty prank.”

“New Zealand is making period products free in all schools. Which awesome. Great. Amazing. It’s the way it should be, right?”

“Something tells me this guy needs to spend the rest of his life in a padded cell.”

“You’re a perfect example of why there are so many single moms.” – Top comment on a misguided belief about single mothers

“Beauty is objective, and there are different beauty standards all around the world.”

“Did you all fail biology? It is very possible to get pregnant.” – response to a story shared in the conversation

“I’m not sure about other guys, but doesn’t this disturb you? It feels like a design flaw in women, actually.” – Mary

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