This Website Sure Looks Different

So for those of you who are new to this website, welcome! Pardon the proverbial dust as the website is under construction. Quite literally just last night I started re-building this website. So back in December 2021, I had purchased the hosting space, domain name, etc. for our show. You can check out the website links page if you want to see which companies we used for this website and the podcast!

Building a Website: The Beginning

One interesting feature that was included in our web hosting package was a free version of Weebly. This meant we could create a website via drag and drop. This is particularly useful as I’m the person who manages and built the website. I was one of those people who grew up in the late 90’s/early 2000’s who taught herself how to code in HTML. However I am also not someone who can claim I can build a website from scratch. It was interesting to me as I wasn’t too familiar with that particular company. If you want a review about what I thought of Weebly, send us a message!

Those of you have visited our website previously, you will have seen the version I built with Weebly. Overall it was a really nice website. I don’t want to sound braggy, but I did enjoy the process and was proud with what I was able to do. Admittedly, I wished there were more things I could have done with it. However that would mean coughing up more money to have someone far more expert to custom build a website for us. Oh, how I wish we had that kind of money.

And Now

Recently (as in Thursday night), I realized to my shock and horror that edits I made to some of the different pages on the website weren’t showing up! I’m no expert on Weebly so I can’t even begin to understand what was causing the problem. After some consideration, I decided to give WordPress a shot. I had some slight understanding of WordPress. I was fascinated by the fact you can build a website with WordPress. So the version of the website you’re seeing was made using WordPress. As you can imagine, it will take at least 1-2 weeks to get something closer to looking like the website we want. So stay tuned and please be patient as I work at this!

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