Valentine’s Day Special

Show Notes

Join our three hosts as they explore the dark history of Valentine’s Day and its transformation into a commercialized celebration of love and romance. Learn about the Eastern Orthodox Church’s fixed date of July 6 and the folk traditions that contributed to the holiday. Explore the power of familial love and the need to recognize different types of love. Delve into the importance of respect and shared values in a romantic

  • The origins of Valentine’s Day and how it has become a commercialized holiday
  • The Eastern Orthodox Church’s fixed date of July 6 for celebrating Valentine’s Day
  • The folk traditions that have contributed to the holiday
  • The transition from being a religious holiday to a more commercialized celebration of love and romance
  • The importance of showing love and appreciation to those around you on a daily basis
  • The dark origin of Valentine’s Day and how it evolved over time

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Key Points

On Valentine’s Day, millions of people around the world express their love and appreciation for their significant others, family and friends with heartfelt gifts and gestures of affection.

Valentine’s Day’s dark roots can be traced back to ancient pagan and Roman rituals. These rituals were later adopted into a more subdued Christian celebration. Today, Valentine’s Day has been commercialized, particularly in Japan and South Korea with the invention of ‘White Day.’ “White Day is when men return the gifts they received from women the month before.

On Valentine’s Day, romantic partners have historically commemorated the ancient Roman festival of Lupricalia, a ritual that involved sacrificing animals and violently beating women with them in a desperate attempt to increase fertility.

Romance novels, such as those by Jane Austen and Julia Quinn, offer an eye-opening look into how meaningful relationships should be, emphasizing the importance of mutual respect and understanding for a lasting bond.


“I don’t want to be just told one day a year that you love me. Tell me that you love me every day. Show me that you love me every day. Do something that you know I’ll appreciate every day. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy.”

“It shouldn’t be like just the one day in the year to do it, but if somebody is really into it, then you know that’s that’s your thing. And I’m not gonna like so tell you that it’s stupid or whatever. You know, you you it’s part of the you do your thing kind of attitude I have.”

“Disney movies, all the princesses and things like that, uh, they always get their happy ending. But at the same time, there’s a lot of movies or series or whatever that’s all based on love. But it’s not like, necessarily romantic love.”

“If you had to end up with somebody, in theory, for the rest of your life together, it’s like, can you honestly picture yourself dealing with a partner who either is too silly in your mind or a partner who doesn’t respect you in any way?”

​”But actually, the thing that really got me into reading romance novels was I mentioned her earlier was like with Julia Quinn, was actually I read the third Bridgerton book, which is going to be season three of the show, which I am personally excited for, um, because that was my favorite one out of the eight.”

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