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Get ready for a hair-raising experience as the Three Fates Decide podcast delves into the world of werewolves and vampires. In this episode, the hosts explore the origins and cultural significance of these creatures. Liz and Mary covering the historical and modern interpretations of both. The hosts discuss the different types of werewolves. They also cover the historical and cultural contexts surrounding Dracula, and the legends of vampires from around the world. The episode ends with a ranking of the top 20 best vampire and werewolf movies. Tune in to Three Fates Decide, where the hosts offer a unique perspective on pop culture through a women’s lens. Don’t miss out on this captivating discussion of werewolves and vampires.

In This Episode

  • Werewolf and vampire double feature
  • Origins and cultural significance
  • Types of werewolves
  • History and cultural stories of wolves
  • Ancestry DNA tests and cultural appropriation
  • Historical and literary context of Dracula
  • Interpretations and legends of vampires worldwide
  • Historical incidents and Bram Stoker’s inspiration
  • Top 20 vampire and werewolf movies
  • Top vampire movie recommendations
  • Ranking of vampire and werewolf movies
  • Top 5 vampire and werewolf movies
  • Forthcoming Nosferatu remake
  • Possible movie role for Bill and Alex
  • Teaser for next episode on three fates

Key Points

According to scholars, the mysterious origins of the werewolf legend date back to the ancient Epic of Gilgamesh, making it one of the oldest known Western stories!

The iconic Count Dracula has maintained his status as the most renowned vampire in history. He inspired multiple generations of popular vampire characters, such as the beloved Edward Cullen.

The gruesome history of werewolf trials in Europe, which pre-dated even the infamous Salem witch trials, tells a chilling tale of warriors, victims, and those smitten with an otherworldly punishment for their misdeeds.

Native American and First Nations cultures have a rich and ancient history. Unfortunately, many of their concepts and symbols are appropriated in pop culture without due recognition or respect. The symbolic wolf is often used without consideration of its deep spiritual and cultural significance.

The small town of Exeter, Rhode Island, exhumed the body of Mercy Brown in 1892 with the belief that she was a vampire.

The timeless classic, Dracula (1931), is widely considered one of the greatest vampire and werewolf movies of all time. It is ranked in the top 20 alongside modern classics such as Underworld (2003) and cult favorites like Company of Wolves (1984) and Black Sabbath (1964).

The heart-wrenching Swedish classic “Let the Right One In” is an incomparable masterpiece. Its American remake fails to capture its mesmerizing story of a vampire stuck in a child’s body.

Robert Eggers, acclaimed director of The Witch, teams up with Bill Skarsgard and Lily-Rose Depp for a bone-chilling reimagining of the classic silent film Nosferatu.


“We’re going to do a double feature of sorts where we’re going to talk about werewolves and vampires.” – Liz

“About 200 years before the Salem witch trials in Europe, they were actually having what is known as werewolf trials.” – Mary

“I will put a link to both the History article link that you’re using, right? And I will also be posting links to the MONSTROM episodes.”

“How do you go from blood sucking, life sucking creature that will kill you, into this sexy creature? I mean, I don’t get that.”

“There really is a wide variety of different creatures that fit the definition of a vampire all around the world.” – Liz

“Unfortunately, he passed away, but it was very strange that they considered her to be the one.” – Mary

“That one I thought was a very good movie. Yeah, it did make Dracula a little too sexy though, to me.”

“I mean, overall, the cast in that, in Bram Stoker’s Dracula was very good. It was very well cast.”

“I love Keanu Reeves, and from everything I’ve read about the man, he seems like the absolute sweetest, most down to earth guy ever.”

“I just thought it was really interesting how most of the movies on the list are vampires. Not that many are werewolves.”

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Monstrum’s two-part series on Werewolves

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