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Get ready for an exciting episode of the Three Fates Decide podcast! Join our female hosts as they dive into what’s coming in 2023. With a focus on movies, TV shows, albums, and video games, this episode is packed with insights and opinions on all your favorite pop culture topics. From Marvel and DC superhero movies to horror comedies and remakes, the hosts share their thoughts on these releases while acknowledging the uncertainty surrounding some of them. Don’t miss out on this episode of Three Fates Decide! Let us know what you are anticipating the most!

  • Marvel & DC movies
  • Release date movements
  • Limited theater releases
  • January movie releases
  • February movie releases
  • March & April movie releases
  • April & May movie releases
  • June & July movie releases
  • “Oppenheimer” cast
  • August & September movie releases
  • Lack of info on upcoming releases
  • 2022 movie releases
  • Anticipated 2023 releases
  • Upcoming TV shows
  • Marvel Phase 4 criticism
  • Marvel series quality
  • Upcoming albums & video games
  • Variety of 2023 releases

Key Points

The exorbitant price of movie theater tickets has made purchasing movies a far more economical choice for film fans.

Experience a thrilling cinematic journey this winter with an unprecedented lineup of movie sequels and adaptations set to premiere at the end of January and throughout February and March!

Experience the next level of thrills with the highly anticipated releases of Renfield, Super Mario Brothers, Evil Dead Rise, and The Little Mermaid!

July will be a month of action-packed entertainment with the release of three blockbuster hits, including the highly anticipated “Mission Impossible”, the beloved “Barbie”, and the thrilling “The Marvels”.

Unlock the incredible power of a lesser-known DC character with the upcoming Blue Beetle movie!

As movie franchises such as The Expendables and Saw continue to churn out sequels, audiences are growing increasingly weary of the same recycled plots and characters, begging the question: Is it time for these franchises to finally come to an end?

Experience the dark origins of the iconic Hunger Games franchise with the upcoming release of “The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes,” featuring an all-star cast including the legendary Peter Dinklage.

Experience an unprecedented level of adventure with the upcoming releases of Diablo Four, Valheim and Starfield – where you’ll be able to soar through space in your very own spaceship!


“I refuse to go to the theater to see movies anymore because it’s gotten way too damn expensive for that shit.”

“If they’re going to make you pay $20 or whatever for like an adult ticket, you may as well just buy the movie.” – Liz

“It always made me laugh. They’re like, oh, it’s a live action. No, it is not. It is just another kind of animation.” – Sam

“I think Oppenheimer is going to be one of those movies next year that you are totally going to have to watch out for the Oscars.” – Liz

“I was looking it up. The story of the ill-fated cargo ship chartered to transport Count Dracula to London.”

“I’m curious how Blue Beetle is going to turn out, which is one of the last movies coming out in August. Because that’s another DC character.” – Liz

“Maybe they need the lesser-known DC characters to start making their appearances and start maybe getting the hype back for DC movies.” – Mary

“How many ways can you trick people into mutilating each other and killing themselves and whatever?” – Liz

“But where the heck did he come from? Where is he going to fit into the story? Yeah. Great show. Bravo. But what?” – Sam on Moon Knight

“Starfield looks absolutely breathtaking and looks like it’s going to be so much fun, you get to fly your own spaceship.”

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