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Get ready for a spine-tingling experience with this week’s episode of Three Fates Decide. Our podcast delves into the world of pop culture and this week, we’re exploring the fascinating topic of zombies. Join us as we take a deep dive into the origins of these creatures and their cultural significance.

Discover the links between Haitian voodoo and the portrayal of zombies in pop culture. Hear about George Romero’s iconic films and their impact on the zombie genre. We’ll also explore modern interpretations of zombies and how they differ from their traditional counterparts.

But that’s not all! This episode also covers other similar creatures, such as the Jiangxi. We’ll even touch on the biblical references to zombies.

With so much to unpack, you won’t want to miss out on this episode. Whether you’re a horror fan or just looking for an interesting discussion, Three Fates Decide has got you covered. Tune in now and join the conversation!

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In This Episode

Topic: Zombies and their origins, pop culture references, and similar creatures

  • Haitian voodoo tradition as one of the recognized origins of zombies
  • Racism and exoticism involved in the portrayal of voodoo
  • George Romero’s zombie movies and his unfamiliarity with the Haitian concept
  • Modern interpretations of zombies
  • Jiangxi as a type of vampire and similar to zombies
  • Pop culture depictions of zombies in movies and TV series
  • References to zombies in the Bible
  • Rotten Tomatoes’ list of essential zombie movies
  • Difference between zombies and cannibals
  • Next episode’s topic to be announced

Key Points

Despite the potential of modern science to create a devastating zombie apocalypse, few people realize just how close this reality could be.

Gain insight into the mysterious origins of zombies and other monsters with the MONSTROM series from PBS Digital’s Storied!

Although the concept of zombies has been around for centuries, modern versions are often sensationalized and perpetuated by discriminatory stereotypes.

The mythical Draugr, featured in films, literature, and video games like The Elder Scrolls Five: Skyrim and World of Warcraft, may have been the source of inspiration for George R. R. Martin’s chilling White Walkers in his acclaimed series of novels.

The history of zombies dates back centuries, with diverse cultural interpretations and modern Hollywood reimaginings.

The Bible has references to zombies in the Book of Ezekiel and the Book of Isaiah.

Be warned: the vengeful Draugr, a reanimated corpse from Norse mythology, guards buried treasure with a sinister determination, making any attempt to thwart it futile – unless you take the precaution of tying the dead’s toes and placing scissors in their chests.

Experience the spine-tingling terror of 30 essential zombie movies, from the classic Night of the Living Dead to the heart-pounding Train to Busan and the hilarious Zombieland.

The hit TV show, The Walking Dead, recently descended upon local towns, captivating audiences with its tense and thrilling scenes.


“I hate zombies. It terrifies me that actually happened.” – Sam

“The zombies swim better than the fucking humans.”

“The zombie, like any other monster, is a representation of societal anxieties about something.” – Liz

“Zombie undead things like that is a little too creepy for me.”

“Shaun of the Dead is just funny…It was kind of funny. I’ve watched it a couple of times.”

“If I was an actor, I kind of want to play a zombie. Just because you don’t have to say anything.” – Sam

Discussed in this Episode

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